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Visio Mundi Academic Media Group is a publishing and media company. Our head office is situated in Novi Sad.
Visio Mundi has twenty years experience of publishing in areas of natural sciences and medicine, humanities and social sciences, art and literature.
The primary mission of the company is affirmation of authors of scientific and artistic publications and its contents through raising global, internet visibility, readership and citation. This way, the company not only contributes to the improvement of local and regional creative community, but it also actively participates in the global exchange of knowledge.
In pursuing its mission, today’s basic orientation of this company is – the Internet (World Wide Web), digital (online) publication of scientific and academic publicist writing, as well as the production and publication of other artistic and educational media (audio, visual, CDs and webinars).


The new, interactive web media portal visiomundi.net is equipped with software tools for digital, online management of the whole process of publishing of a scientific paper, scientific monographs, or a piece of art: the acceptance of the manuscript, review, verification, preparation and setting up the Internet editions. This process can be used transparently by all authorized active participants in publishing: creators, reviewers and readers.

Classic publishing, multimedia

The basic services offered by Visio Mundi Academic Media Group are: publishing of scientific and technical journals, books, conference proceedings, and art editions; organization, production and consulting, as well as media processing of conferences and events related to their own publications, and the authors. Digital and conventional printing, production of other media carriers are also in the domain of company’s standard publishing.

Open access to scientific publications – VisioMundiOpen

In line with new initiatives in scientific publishing (Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002; Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing, 2003; Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, 2003;), Visio Mundi Company advocates for the “gold open access” of scientific publications. That implies Internet (online) access to the data editions, without limitation, compliance with all copyright (Creative Commons) rights and ethical standards in scientific publishing, some of which are particularly emphasized: the obligation of competent peer review and “anti-plagiarism.” Visio Mundi Academic Media Group upholds the highest standards in scientific publishing and ethical codes of international association of “open access” publishers (OASPA and COPE), as well as the mandatory report of “open access” scientific publications to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
Visio Mundi Company has its own DOI prefix (Digital Object Identifier System), independent of other publishers, and state-sponsored institutions, allocated to all its editions to achieve more efficient search on the Internet keyword scientific publications “search”. In addition to digital labels, the company uses all standard classical bookmarks of publishing and librarianship (CIP, ISSN, ISBN, UDK).
Visio Mundi Academic Media Group have its own DOI for all your documents, monographies and articles in journals.

Complying to recommendations for professional and ethical publishing in the “open access”, not a single paper can be published without peer review. Only after positive reviews, when the paper is approved for publication, it is necessary to fund the cost of publication.

The costs of publishing are normally funded by authors. However, the authors do not have to be solely responsible for funding, because the cost of publishing can be financed by scientific projects, universities, scientific and professional institutions, civil society organizations, foundations, grants, commercial companies, local governments and other interested actors. Visio Mundi Academic Media Group has established a fully transparent fund VisioMundiFoundation designed solely to cover the costs of publishing a scientific paper or monographs within the “free access”

Publishing of existing scientific journals

Visio Mundi Academic Media Group Company is interested in launching their own, new magazines, and publishing (co-publishing) of already established, registered and published scientific journals and professional periodicals, usually founded by scientific societies, organizations and higher education institutions, where there the need for digitization and the full transition to digital edition (“open access”), is recognized. Without going into the structure of the editorial policy, as well as other characteristics of the scientific journal, Visio Mundi, as a professional and a regular profit company, respecting the laws of publishing, financial and economic frameworks, offers cooperation to stem organizations in the development and professionalization of their magazines, and in order to achieve the scientific impact through global citation and putting the journals on the SCI (Science Citation Index Expanded, Thompson Reuters) list. Visibility on the Internet via the keyword and author search tools, among other things, depends on the frequency of visiting visiomundi.net, which can be reasonably expected after grouping of several scientific journals on the page and is in the best interest of all the active participants.

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